Huawei E220 and Ubuntu 6.10

I changed my mobile card due to a change of my notebook where the new one no longer supports pcmcia cards. So I switched to the Huawei E220 usb UMTS Modem. The drawback, it does not work from scratch, the benefit, the signal strength is much better.

So the device is recogniced as an scsi storage device if you plug it in.
You have to close all open windows showing content of the device and unmount the device.

call the follwing commands:

rmmod usb-storage
rmmod usb-serial

to unload the storage device, then call:


and write down the vencor id and produc number of the attached device, then call

modprobe usb-serial vendor=<vendor id> product=<product id>

unplug the device, replug again and check that there are three usb devices calling:

ls -la /dev/ttyU*

if there are 3 devices you can use the device with kppp or wvdial. The modem device is ttyUSB0

ATTENTION: don’t forget to execute all commands with sudo

😉 Jörg

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  1. Hello from Spain

    i also have the Huawei working very well

    In the Spanish forum some people are trying it but still having problems. How is it working in general in germany?

    If you have any more news on tricks or suggestions please pass them on

    I noticed that if I leave a blank cd in the cdrom it is rarely mis-identified as a cdrom instead of a usb modem, and so you don’t have to eject it

  2. Well, I’m using it, and it’s weird.
    I f I boot Edgy with the e220, it detects it (I hacked a /etc/modprobe.d with the vendor and product).

    But if I insert it later, it detects as a usb-storage. I do rmmod, modprobe, and it detects as a ttyUSB0, but it doesn’t work. Sometimes, after removing it ands inserting it several times, I can make it work, but rebooting with it on is the easiest way.

    I have a Dell Latitude D620. It’s annoying, can anybodyt solve this?

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