Gnome-Blog is iWeb on Linux

I searched for a corresponding tools for blogging as iweb from apple and was told that gnome-blog does the same. Check gnome site for details. This entry was the first to be done with gnome-blog. See screenshot below.

Huawei E220 revisited

Hi Folks. Finally I have finished my tests and scripting with the Huawei E220 USB UMTS Modem and Ubuntu Edgy Eft. Some conclusions can be made: have the modem plugged in on boot if you work continuous only with the modem work with suspend to disk mode instead of shutdown use the scripts I provide... Weiterlesen →

Effective Firefox Tuning

Hi Folks, I found a good guide for firefox tuning online, what I missed was a simple way to apply the changes described there in the way of doing it using about:config of firefox and doing everything in the gui manually. It's easier. Change into your firefox user directory for windows this should be something... Weiterlesen →

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