E-Zilla Charger

Hi folks. Since a few days I am the proud owner of a hotbodies E-Zilla. Nice car, good to bash around, real fun. One drawback for me was the GT charger which is nevertheless perfectly working but I am a load at home run outside driver and therefore I had problems getting the thing running with my current jamara x-peak 3 charger.

The GT charger for the E-Zilla needs lots of power on statup and also during charging phase, therefore it is very fast charging.

I googled around a little and there are different possiblities to buy AC Adapters which can deliver the needed power, but was starting around 70$ up. I did not want to spend so much money and checked a powersupply from an ordinary PC which delivers 12V with at least 20Amp. for one device. I disasembled the power supply and cut off all not needed wires, remember to seal them, put the green and black wire from the main board plug to the power switch of the back of the supply and bridged the wires which had been there before. Then I mounted 2 female banana connectors to plug in the GT charger and soldered a black ancient harddisk wire to the black connector and the yellow one to the red and voila, ready for charging indoors. Cost 10$.

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