Tool of the month

This month's "Tool of the month award" on this blog goes to: AND THE WINNER IS: VirtualBox This is really breathtaking how easy and usable this virtualization software works and is available freely for private use for windows and linux. Thanks to the VirtualBox developers team and company lead which have decided to make this... Weiterlesen →

Upgrade from Ubuntu 6.10 to 7.04

Hi folks, yesterday evening I decided to risk the upgrade from Ubuntu 6.10 to 7.04. I was a little suspicious about doing that because I had my current 6.10 polished and tuned and everything worked fine for me so I was anxious loosing some settings or programs. Carefull as I am I made a complete... Weiterlesen →

HUAWEI E220 Follow Up

Again a shorty about the Huawei E220 and linux. Since my last updates of ubuntu 6.10 the E220 is always recognised the right way and usable right from the start.

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