sshmenu Tool for the admin

Again a blog post maybe interesting for you out there. I have to do quite a bunch of server administration throughout the day and have to connect using ssh many times a day. What gnome lacks here for me is a nice tool where you can manage your connections. I found this tool for me, called sshmenu. Nice tool, you can configure your ssh connection setting also including different profiles gnome-terminal provides. Due to the fact that I was a developer (a developer will always stick to developing) I saw that I had a bunch of connection to configure there but I won’t do that by hand. So I have written a little shell script which reads the server, user and gnome-terminal profile name (you saved your customized profiles with) from a file and generates the .sshmenu config file which is located in your $HOME directory automatically from the list. Here you find the sshmenu generating shell script you have to rename from .sh.txt to .sh only (wordpress does not gulp .sh files) and an example connection list file to test the script with.


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