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Dear Reader,

a few weeks ago I decided to switch from Linux to Mac (bah, what, uuuuhhh would you say) but my reasons for doing this have been considerated quite well. All I want to do is having something which works out of the box (Linux does that too, would you mention) when doing imaging, film cutting and all the multimedia stuff. At my opinion Linux is quite usable now but you have to fight the troubles of the bleeding edge technology of actual distributions (Ubuntu) against the hardware support, the codecs and so on. I was a little tired of twitching and edging around all these obstacles which are around there. So I bought my first apple. And I am quite impressed. The things works quite well out of the box and I am still using a bunch of freeware I have already used on Linux before. So not so much change in that. There are some restrictions apple gives you in using the os or some preconfigurations which are not so well designed for the power user but it does for all the people out there just having to do their daily work. My resume on this after a couple of weeks is quite positive, I can only recommend the stable macosx and the well designed and fashionable looking computers they build. Apart of this I am running Linux virtualized (using VirtualBox or now Sun xVM Virtual Box) as well as Windows (I won’t do anything else with windows on my own machine). So there will soon be some articles about freeware on mac os for the community available here.


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  1. hi,

    hope you enjoy the new operating system. OS X & Apple is somehow special in several points but i guess as former linux user you should be able to handle it.

    Good luck & much fun with your new environment
    Best regards

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