Hi out there, this weekend I had an experience of the alien nation type. I got a PC which always turned up a BSOD with the above mentioned stop message „STOP 0x00000035
NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS“. The system I am talking about is a Windows Vista Business which is registered within an ordinary windows domain but has additional network shares configured which come from mac OS 10 server machines. Every time I tried to open a file on these network shares, I got the blue screen. Other funny features have been damaged email attachement, broken pipe exception when reading from a network share or broken printings. I did quite of a fuzz about getting the thingy fixed, by starting to scratch out potential problem causers like:
– network card
– memory
– missing windows updates
– spy- or malware

After beeing very unsuccessfull I found an article on the net where a guy got the same mistake connecting to CD/DVD drives and USB drives and he found out that Kasperky Antivirus Software was the causer of the problems. Having this information I deinstalled Kaspersky just to try this one too and what can I tell you. PROBLEM FIXED. The Kasperky Antivirus Software Installation, even up to date caused these funny problems with the PC. The system is currently working faster and quite well. I installed the AVG Antivirus Software instead and reactivated the windows firewall.