…Act With Caution!

everybody on this planet is concerned about the currently taking place finacial crisis. If you look back the last few years you will obviously see that this was it what had to happen. We were speculating on food, commodities even on falling courses of company shares. That is redicilous. The „financial industrie“ has currently a state of the complete free and uncontrolled. What currently happens is we say thanks guys for producing this crisis here you are a few billion dollars to fill up the gap and go like you did the last years. Are we nuts. We give our good money to the people who lost the money in playing games just a few month ago and hope they will change. Nonsens. If we do not consolidate and give restrictive law and order to the financial market this will hit us again in the not so far future.

Men like Barack Obama and all the other leaders of the countries which are the head of the economical lead in the world, will have to make strict rules for the financial market to avoid a crisis like this in the future.
If menkind does not want to suffer again we will have to restrict some simple things on the world wide financial markets:

  • ban speculation on commodities
  • ban speculation on food
  • ban hedge fonds
  • the value of corporations should not be in the hand of some stock analysts

I am sure a lot more people than me can say a lot more good things which can avoid the current szenario in the future and they should be heard by all the people who can help to change. Like Obama said: Yes We Can. And we should do our best to change our mindset. Maybe this crisis is a chance for all to get a little more together because we are also caught here together.


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