Software review – Wiki in a jar

A nice tool for all who want to carry their knowledge around ist wiki in a jar. This little peace of software is quite amazing, it is a nearly fully blown wiki you can use to organize your thoughts immediately and keep it carrying around. The package you download is a zip file download here at a size of approximately 120KB of size. To keep the wiki mobile, all you have to do is check out a memorystick and unzip the content of the zip file there. A new folder named will be created. The content of the folder look like this:


Within the bin/ folder you find two binaries: start.cmd for windows and for linux/unix/osx (osx I have not tested).

If you execute the binary wiki in a jar starts a small webserver on port:3003 where you wiki can be accesses.


From there you can start to edit your wiki entries. The application provides a Wiki Formatting Demo page which you should contact frequently until you have recent knowledge abou the syntax which is not very different from other Wiki’s like TWiki or Moin Moin.

You should be aware of having the wiki structured at your own or organizational needs to be useable. Use the tagging inside a page to make the pages searchable with the built in search functionality.

You can also allow external access to your local wiki using the admin page link on the home tab.

So far I am using this beautiful small software to have my important knowledge always nearby. Use a memorystick like described below, add information, add structure for your everyday use, unplug the stick, go home plug it again and have it all at hand

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