arRsync does not start syncing

Today I started right with a weird behaviour. I am using arRsync to sync my iPhoto Originals to my NAS box within my home network. I configured the sync and pressed the start button. arRsync told me „staring Sync…“. Nothing suspicious here unless it did not start for about half an hour or more. I checked the error log, nothing. I checked the network traffic, nothing. I checked the processes cpu utilization, nothing. After I detached my external usb drive which is also my time machine backup medium, arRsync immediately began syncing the prior configured job. It seems like an attached time machine backup volume with time machine activated is kind of blocking the rsync possiblities of osx. Did anybody out there detect the same behaviour, if yes, we could open up a bug, meanwhile I am trying to reproduce the error.

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  1. I came across the same problem today. I ejected my Time Machine back-up USB drive and it started syncing. Using it on Mavericks OS and transferring approx 600GB from one NAS to another.

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