Jing, image and video capturing of your screen

At this site you will find a very usefull proggi which allows you to capture images of your desktop or produce videos of things happening on your desktop, including your web cam and so on. This is quite a nice piece of software. Check it out.

iPhone looses connection / Internet Connection

Today I had a strange behaviour on my iPhone 3G. When trying to open my emails I got a "no connection to the internet available" against the settings pane, which told me that my 3G Connection is configured and switched on. The only thing I was missing was the connection icon at the right of... Weiterlesen →

7ZipX – 7Zip for OSX

Hi there for expanding 7z files you need this proggi here. Just download, doubleclick .dmg file and drag and drop app to your programms. See screencast here.

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