iPhone looses connection / Internet Connection

Today I had a strange behaviour on my iPhone 3G. When trying to open my emails I got a „no connection to the internet available“ against the settings pane, which told me that my 3G Connection is configured and switched on. The only thing I was missing was the connection icon at the right of the provider logo. I tried to switch on and of 3G, checked my connection point settings, nothing helped. It seemed like the daemon responsible for the connections EDGE, 3G and WLAN died somehow. I restarted the device and everything was fine again. A few days ago I encountered messages like „Network Connection Lost“ during the day. Has or had anybody out there similar problems??? iPhone 3G free for all providers, no jailbreak.


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  1. I have had similar problems. I lose connectivity and have to restart, I am on the 3G-S
    so this is a brand new phone and issue also.
    My in home wireless network is up and all other devices are connected and running; the iPhone has lost its connection and just spins under the settings for networks.
    I have to restart and it comes back.
    I will probably let the Apple stores cool off and then give them a try or lay it off on the AT&T store.
    It sucks for the money.
    Good luck. Post here what you find out. I’m being notified

  2. Post you complaint on http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
    „Dear Apple, I hate to start on a sentimental note, but I’m very
    disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, every software/hardware has
    bugs. It’s inevitable. I’m not disappointed about that. But I am
    about the lack of response. I think I speak for a lot of Iphone
    users that we’ve come to a point where we actually would be happy
    with a „we’re working on it“ statement. I can’t imagine you not
    knowing there is a problem, your own „apple discussions“ is full of
    this subject. It’s so bad I actually found sites dedicated to
    „informing“ the public to this problem (probably blackberry
    users…). Typing in „Iphone 3g losing connectivity“ on google, wil
    give you a full explanation of my problems. It’s kinda ironic. One
    of the coolest phone’s ever made doesn’t make calls. But let’s face
    it, it’s unexceptable. There isn’t a better way to put this: please
    fix this problem. Or I will be forced to choosing a different
    mobile phone manufacturer. I might be just one customer. But when
    it comes down to it, I need you just as much as you need me. With
    kind regards, Thomas Haverkort.“ Please join me in making Apple
    acknowledge the problem.

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