iPhone OS 3.0 first review

Hi out there! I was waiting all day here in Austria for Apple to release the new iPhone OS 3.0. 30 Minutes ago iTunes told me that there is a new version for my iPhone 3G available. After downloading the 230 MB of the new image iTunes started to actualize the phone. 15 minutes later and one message „unplug the phone, enter sim pin code and reconnect“ later my iPhone was flawlessly running with the new OS. Congratulations Apple. No painpoints there after the upgrade. No errors, all applications are there, all videos all songs, everything perfectly like it was before. First impressions in using the phone did not give me any lacks in responsiveness of the phone or any slowdowns I would have expected like there have been on the iPhone first generation and the OS version 2.0 Update. The new spotlight feature is very usable and the only app where the reaction of the phone (screen) gets a little dogged. I also synchronized to check out if everything works fine and here also everything as we expect it from Apple. So as a final statement after a few minutes of testing around: Congratulations, you did a great job so far as I can judge from here and now.

Add On 2009-06-18

Today I detected that the update erased the settings of the mobile data network settings for UMTS (3G). You have to set the properties new, details for what to set there you can get at your providers homepage! For A1 in Austria, see images below or settings here or directly at A1 homepage.

If you want to enter the information manually see images below or this list:

  1. APN: free.a1.net
  2. username: ppp@a1plus.at
  3. password: ppp
  4. MMSC: mmsc.A1.net (OHNE http:// !)
  5. MMS-Proxy:

(leave the last two fields empty). After having done these changes, restart your iPhone. To get your mobile provider data using profiles which is also possible to use with not jailbreaked iPhones use this site here.  After making all these settings and rebooting the iPhone MMS Button in Messages Application and MMS send possiblity in VoiceNote app where present and working.


(general settings for mobile data screen)


(MMS specific settings for A1)


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