Slow iPhone 3G after 3.0 OS update

After recognizing some issues with laggy application response and slow input fields and keyboard entries on the iPhone 3G after the update to 3.0 I did a little of googling around if there are any news, rumors or solutions on that. What I found surprised a little bit. It seems so that Apple is aware of memory leakage within the new OS 3.0 release of the iPhone and tell the user to do a hard reset or a reboot once a day or when the phone starts to get laggy because the working memory fills up after starting and stopping numerous application. I also tried this and this did the trick, but this is not a solution for me. So I read a few threads even on the apple forum, where people were complaining and hoping that there will be done something about this. The thing I did so funny it sounds, I filed a feedback at That’s the minimum I can do. You can do that also and maybe Apple reacts on that by fixing the bugs (because these are obvious bugs) when there are filed enough feedback surveys on their page according to this problem. Describe you problems in detail, to help them track the bug down, it’s for your own good. Downgrade to 2.2.1 is not an option for me because Apple braged in their advertisements that the OS 3.0 is soooo fast and so straight forward and so on…., so let’s fix them the bugs, file the feedback at the above mentioned link.


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