iPhone battery empty very fast

Hi. Since a few days my iPhone tended to loose all the power within 12 hours after a fully reload and nearly no activity. For all of you who experience the same problem, don’t send in you phone, this is mostly not a hardware problem. I was not able to look inside the os but I think with the installation of a new app something went wrong and a kind of long running background process seems to suck away all the power. I read a lot on the net of other people experiencing similar problems. As you can see in one of my prior articles there are sometimes battery issues resulting from software problems, so before I send it in I tried to reinstall from scratch and register as a new iPhone on iTunes. Important: you have to install completely from scratch using a already jailbroken firmware or the original one from apple.  Make sure you have done a sync before you start.

Afterwards everything was fine again. Normal battery runtime.


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