iPad 1 with iOS 5.1 Update First Impressions

Hi, after waiting 2 days to outrun the first heavy run on apple’s server I decided to update to ios 5.1 today. The update process was as expected flawless, no problems, no errors. After working a bit with the iPad the most significant change I noticed til now is that the iPad 1 is much more responsive than with the prior 5.0.1 Version. I had the effect of locking the ipad and hearing the lock sound a few seconds after the display went dark. There have been numerous slugish behaviour situations when typing or changing between applications. All this behaviour is gone now.

In Addition the recent crashes of the mail application when downloading or deleting a higher number of mails seems to have got a recent rework, it now works more stable and responsive.

It also looks like apple has done some rework on the memory management. I have currently 6 big apps open and at least 50MB of free memory, so thanks for that too.

Overall the 5.1 Update is a success for me as a iPad 1 user so far as I can say til now.


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