Problems installing Windows 7 on new Notebook with Windows 8 and UEFI

Hi. A friend of mine got a new asus aspire one 756 as a christmas present, with Windows 8 preinstalled. She could not make friends with the new Microsoft Operating System (I can’t guess why, too intuitive to use, too less changes, too user-friendly 😉 ?). She asked me if it is possible for me to install her Windows 7 on the system so she could use it at all. I tried to run the simple – put in installation dvd, reboot, install, install drivers routine – but I got stuck shortly after Win7 copied the initial PE files to the disk and told me „Windows Starting…“ but nothing more happened.

I checked the installation dvd, worked. I checked the net for people having same problems, all aspire one customers seemed to be without problems. I changed the searches in google, asked a windows admin…..

After a while I found an article that the EFI Bios could be the problem and that I have to change to Legacy Bios in the Boot Bios Settings. Voilà the installation started as expected. Cheers.

All went smooth until setup told me that there are several partitions and I should choose one. The problem is that all the partitions are not in GPT style as windows installer expects. Again googling and after a while I found the solution. You have to delete all the partitions of the system and create a new one and it worked. To delete only the biggest one and leave the restore partitions did not work, so be aware that there is no possibility for you to restore to the prior system or OS if you follow these instructions. If there are any questions, comment as usual.

Don’t forget to create a driver dvd or usb drive for your model because you can not expect Win7 to be a precog regarding the hardware of new machines. Be also aware to take the right drivers corresponding to the Windows System you are installing (32bit vs. 64bit).

Have a nice day.

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