Corrupted OSX filesystem – mac constantly shutting down on startup

Hi if you have experienced the following behavior of you mac there has to be something wrong with your filesystem:

the grey progress bar is coming up on startup (fsck is running long in the background)

a little later (days, weeks) the mac is shutting down short after progress bar appears

you may have a corrupt BTree in your filesystem. This is normally a sign that your hard disk fails and will soon die. But you want to make a backup but can’t right?

Then do the following:

  1. Right after switching on press CMD + S for entering single user mode
  2. on the command line enter: fsck -f
  3. mount the filesystem: mount -uw /
  4. check what name your disk device has by entering: df -hl (there should be an entry like /dev/disk0s2, note it down)
  5. reboot into safe mode
  6. type the following: fsck_hfs -y -rc -d /dev/disk0s2 (what you noted down earlier)
  7. wait for the process to complete. If the message „The volume…. could not be repaired after 3 attempts“ appears repeat step 6 until you get the message „The volume…. was repaired successfully“
  8. reboot your system
  9. Voila




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