iPad/iPhone app store featured/highlights are empty

After changing to a new iPad Air 2 with a restore from my former iPad Air I got the following behavior. We are using a MDM (Mobile Device Management Software) to manage our companies mobile devices. This software package installed and changed my store setting to United States. I am located in Austria. When opening up I got a message: „app could not be found in app store“ but I could not make out why because I was not searching for a specific app just opening the app store itself. I saw that the menu entries were in english and the feature list was empty (white). I could see updates and purchase but nothing else. Because of the empty feature list you can not use the „scroll down the feature list and change the app store“ method you find on the web to change the store. I had to go to settings, iTunes and logout of iTunes and log in again. Voilá. Back again 😉


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