dokuwiki thumbnail image to pdf

I recently had the requirement to make a kind of catalogue overview within our internal company wiki. After googling for a plugin I decided to do it the pragmatic way because our catalogues do not change that frequently.

  1. Save the pdf files to the wiki medi location (upload)
  2. open the pdf files and make images from the startpage, used as thumbnails later
  3. upload the images to the wiki
  4. create a link to the media using the image (see example syntax below)
  5. finished

Example Syntax:
[[http://<wiki url>/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=<wiki path to pdf file>|{{<one of the uploaded images in size M>?200|}}]]

So you will get a kind of thumbnailed pdf gallerie. If your content does not change that recently, the thumbnails are the work here, this will be fine.


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