Time Machine Backup not accessible after Mac change

Hi, i recently purchased a new mac and therefore organised everything needed to go with migration assistant. I created a new admin account on the new machine. I migrated over my users, data and programs, i inherited the time machine backup as asked from TM, but still I have the problem that only my new... Weiterlesen →


macOS Sierra Update – Outlook search not working correctly

Hi, I recently upgraded to macOS Sierra and also switched to a new mac using the migration assistant. Shortly after finishing the migration I recognised that my Outlook search only delivered partial results. The search only returned most recently sent or received mails also when the option for all elements was active. I knew that... Weiterlesen →

HowTo Uninstall Google Software Updater

Google is more or less one of the evil ones regarding installed software, user information trading and so forth. Lately I recognised that this Google Software Updater app was recently running, phoning home, requesting updates and nagging me with do you want to install Google Earth? There is no uninstaller out of the box, so... Weiterlesen →

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