macOS Sierra Update – Outlook search not working correctly

Hi, I recently upgraded to macOS Sierra and also switched to a new mac using the migration assistant. Shortly after finishing the migration I recognised that my Outlook search only delivered partial results. The search only returned most recently sent or received mails also when the option for all elements was active. I knew that I have to have more mails regarding the searched subject or recipient so I got suspicious. After a few test I was sure there was something not working correctly. After doing some online research I got two possible solutions:

  1. rebuild spotlight search index (completely)
    1. in Terminal execute: sudo mdutil -E /
  2. add outlook group container to spotlight privacy and remove again

The later brought the success. The first didn’t. I opened up spotlight preferences and added the Outlook Group Container in /Users//Library/Group Containers/.Office to the privacy settings. I closed system preferences, waited a few seconds, opened again and remove the entry from privacy settings, so the location gets reindexed. This did the trick and outlook search is now working fine again.

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