oneplus 3t review vol. 1

A few days ago I decided to go from my iPhone 6s again to an android phone. Apple is for me until now the better choice due to my whole environment. At home we use apple products a lot and the integration in syncing… is better between apple products.

Google delivered quite a good product with the new version 7 (Nougat) of the operating system and I am more and more drawn this direction. I started with a nexus 5 the I tried the successor 5X and now that I am missing my android device after only a few weeks without it I was going for the oneplus 3t.

  • Reasons for buying the oneplus:
  • I already had the oneplus X and liked it a lot
  • I like the design and build quality
  • The size factor fits my hands well
  • Oxygen OS is not that far from stock Android than the Samsung branch is
  • Hardware wise it is really well equipped
  • The price is very good

The unboxing process was ok like actually every phone seller tries to pimp up the unboxing experience, it is important, because first impressions are the best but in the end the product quality is what counts.

The dash charger and the cable both feel well built and are also design wise well done. Charging with the dash charge is really fun, after 20 min. you have approx. 80% of your battery charged, that is way more I get from my iPhone charger.

The battery life is also very good I had 2,5 days on my first charge, what is phenomenal when you see that there all tweaking, installing, playing, trying has been done so a unusual load for the device. I hope this will last. I have to say that I am not the heavy user regarding phone calls. I am more into browsing, listening to music, getting informations form different app. I am not really playing a lot of games.

Regarding the handling of the phone I feel very comfortable. The button placement is well done and everything is reachable for me without doing finger stunts.

I updated immediately to the most recent oxygen OS version (Nougat) to get all the good changes google has done from 6 to 7. I will not do an OS review in detail but the handling of Android in Nougat is comfortable and fun each time you work with the device.

The display quality is very good, colors are crips, some will say they are unnatural in comparison with more realistic color tone of the iPhone 6s, they are but I am fine with that too.

The camera also seems to do a good job even in low light conditions, there is a little more noise within low light fotos but the oneplus camera app is doing a good job there too. I have not take any selfies yet so information about the front side camera are yet to come. I will also try to do some image comparisons in the near future.

If you like to have a good background that shows off the good screen of the oneplus 3t you should go for the google wallpapers app, there you can use your own images to be used as wallpapers and can do changes on a daily base.

Syncing Music I currently do by using SyncTunes which works fine because I can sync iTunes playlists to the device easily. I have tried a bunch of also paid apps the last few months with Android devices to get music an photos synced from my mac to the device but there is really nothing satisfying out there doing it all. I tried doubleTwist which did the music sync quite ok but had problems with images. No photos library sync possible they are not supporting the most recent version. doubleTwist was lets say ok. I also tried SyncMate which was a real desaster, the desktop app is extremely slow in syncing (paid version), extremely error prone and not working the way described, I can not recommend this piece of software for syncing an apple with an Android device.

I have given up on syncing images between Android and macOS there is nothing doing that job in an easy manner. I am currently syncing from the device to google photos and from there I retrieve the images I want to put into my photos library on my mac, no bidirectional sync here, I would be pleased to get some information if any of you out there got that to work in an easy way, but I do  not want to have any cloud solutions that is actually done by google photos for me.

Such a beautiful device should be protected. You do not need a case if don’t want to the device comes with a pre assembled screen shield what I personally think is real good service from oneplus and the device is not that easy to slip from your hand as iPhones are. But to be sure the device stays nice for quite a while I have ordered an EasyAcc Cell Phone Case for the oneplus 3t which is a clear TP case fitting perfectly at a cost of as low as 7€.

My overall conclusion regarding the change from iOS to Android is that I am very satisfied. I am missing nothing at all despite the apple friends app (we used that within the family to know where the others are) but there is no good working app on Android for this (suggestions welcome).

The phone is beautiful and fast, the OS is responsive, clean and good to work with, the price in comparison the the iPhone is fantastic.

Go For IT.

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