Oneplus 3T after nearly a year away from iPhone

it is now nearly one year that I have changed from the iPhone I started with as a early adopter with the iPhone in 2007. I was anxious losing functionality and comfort leaving Apple behind regarding my phone selection. All the arguments – high integration, lots of accessories, Apple univers at home…. – but this is not a problem regarding the phone. I am very pleased with the overall performance the Oneplus 3t delivers for the pricetag. You have to adopt a little regarding how you move your music to your phone and your images if you are „no cloud“ user like me regarding music. What do I use?

I am using SyncTunes für music syncing, it workes flawless with the phone and the mac. I prefer using the usb cable (faster) wireless is also possible but soooo slow in comparison to a USB 3.0 cable connection.

I am organising my day to day images with google photos, holiday shots and bigger images series I combine on my mac in fotos app and do not sync back, because something comfortable here is missing.

Everything else is app wise and works the same way it does on ios with slight differences regarding the ui and usage process.

I do like the clean design and simple ui of android a lot more currently than the ios implementation (I did not take a look at ios 11). The overall os experience is snappier and cleaner. Oneplus has done a good job speed wise with the 3t no complaints here. What I do miss is the excellent implementation of phone number scanning in ios to directly call from webpages…this is not that good implemented in android.

The camera is compareable to all the flagships out there. I take wonderful pictures with the camera no complaint here either.

Build quality is equal to an apple product, sturdy, beautiful to look at an good handling.

Overall I think currently Apple’s iPhone is highly overpriced regarding the price/value ratio regarding technological innovation, usability and features. Android really closed the gap and is in my opinion currently leading.

If Apple is going to price the new iPhone 8 the way analyst are predicting I do not think they will keep their marketshare (IMHO).



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