Review OnePlus 5t Lava Red Edition

Last week I ordered the new released OnePlus 5t Lava Red Edition to give it a test run and to get my hands on the 5t for the first time.

As a former 3t owner I was exited in getting my hands on the new model.


OnePlus does a fine job in wrapping their products in an apple like style so you get a good and very high quality feeling form the boxes itself. A lot of manufacturers have learned a lot from Apple here. The content is proper aligned and is packed in an efficient way. What I like very much with OnePlus phones, they come with a factory attached screen protector and they throw in a case. A big plus here, but this is also necessary becasue there are not so much good cases out there for the oneplus. The majority of case producers specializes on apple and samsung.

Look and Feel

The OnePlus 5t is a well built phone with an aluminium body and the meanwhile typical antenna spacings on the top and the bottom adopted from a apple by a lot of phone manufacturers. Due to the bigger screen and the droping of the capacitive buttons on the front the finger print sensor was moved to the back. When unlocking with the sensor it works fast from a design point of view I never was a friend of finger print sensors on the back but OnePlus did a good job here and it is quite fast what is very important. The Lava Red Edition is extremely gorgeous. The color is vibrant and does well with the black front panel. The feel of the texture is high quality and it does not feel too slippery. The overall impression for me is a really beautiful phone with a high quality build experience.

Test Driving the Phone

The 5t Lava Red Edition comes with 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of Storage capacity what should be enough for the most of us. The 8GB version is very fast and responsive. It does not matter what you throw at the phone, grafics, videos, games, it handles them in high speed without breaking a sweat. OnePlus also implemented a face unlock feature similar to Apple’s FaceID and they have done a really good job here. Face Unlock works like a charm and very very fast so you don’t even notice that it is there, thats the way technology should be working.

They also kept the phone jack what I appreciate very much because I am not really a friend of battery driven headphones, they tend to be empty or nearly empty when you would like to listen to music and I am a friend of technic which does not need too much attention. Updating and loading continuously is not of that kind. Tech Companies should take into account that actually every gimmick is using up attention at the moment and that the user can get tired by updating, loading and playing around with each gimmick he owns.

The speakers is ok from the sound standpoint and the call quality of the mic and phone speaker is ok as well.

The dual sim configuration is a practical thing for me so you can use local sim cards when you are on holiday to avoid some additional cost or combine your business and private phone within one.

I have not specifically test driven the camera there are enough reviews out there which have done that in great detail but regarding the results the camery is not the best in the market but one of the best ones so nothing to complain about here.

The overall conclusion about this phone is that OnePlus has done a fine job, the bigger display delivers high quality screen impressions with big real estate. The phone is beautiful to look at and very fast in handling all jobs thrown at it and in my eyes has currently the best prize tag for this kind of high end handset.


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