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Got my OnePlus 6t today

Update 2019-01-24

I am now with the device for a few weeks and did not once go back to my iPhone X so therefore chapeau oneplus you did extraordinary work. In comparison to this beast iOS and the iPhone X react sluggish and slow.

Today I got my just ordered OnePlus 6t device. The unpacking was a delightful action like everytime when I do an unboxing of ap


ple or OnePlus devices. OnePlus really also knows how to wrap their products. I ordered the purple thunder because it is a special edition and I relly like the look and finish the device has on the back side. Included in the package as always the formerly called dash charger and the transparent (this time a dark one) silicone case. I order the red silicone case in addition because I like the texture and the color of the oneplus cases.

After an initial startup and going over settings and an update, THIS IS REALLY FAST. And it is a true BEAUTY (see image below). I will be tinkering around a little for the next days and will come up with more. I am a heavy Apple User so I will also check out a few possibilities to get things transferred smoothly on a regular base because I do not want to switch my desktop operating System. So stay tuned.

In screen finger print sensor: I really like this feature most of all but not because it is that fast and super useful, but because the ugly looking finger print sensors on the phones are not there any longer. I prefer the face unlock (FaceID from the iPhone) they implemented a lot more. It is fast, and unobtrusive. It works quite well and the little animation around your finger when you unlock is nice looking.




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