{ failure = (wanting – beeing able to) }

 I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. (Douglas Adams)

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  • Everything AI – What is there to come

    Since we are all currently living everyday by using at least one service which is working with or using the power of AI we should all know what AI is and what it can/could/should be. Elon Musk sent out an information yesterday to watch a documentary called – „Do you trust this computer“ – which…


  • Review OnePlus 5t Lava Red Edition

    Last week I ordered the new released OnePlus 5t Lava Red Edition to give it a test run and to get my hands on the 5t for the first time. As a former 3t owner I was exited in getting my hands on the new model. Packaging OnePlus does a fine job in wrapping their…


  • Oneplus 3T after nearly a year away from iPhone

    it is now nearly one year that I have changed from the iPhone I started with as a early adopter with the iPhone in 2007. I was anxious losing functionality and comfort leaving Apple behind regarding my phone selection. All the arguments – high integration, lots of accessories, Apple univers at home…. – but this…