Got my OnePlus 6t today

Today I got my just ordered OnePlus 6t device. The unpacking was a delightful action like everytime when I do an unboxing of ap ple or OnePlus devices. OnePlus really also knows how to wrap their products. I ordered the purple thunder because it is a special edition and I relly like the look and... Weiterlesen →


iTunes does not recognise iPhone X after iOS 12 Update

Shortly after the update to iOS12 i recognised 2 problems. I was not able to connect my mac to my mobile hotspot and I was not able to connect the iPhone to my iTunes on the mac for synchronising. The reason is apple had to install a new component with iOS 12.x which will be... Weiterlesen →

Everything AI – What is there to come

Since we are all currently living everyday by using at least one service which is working with or using the power of AI we should all know what AI is and what it can/could/should be. Elon Musk sent out an information yesterday to watch a documentary called - "Do you trust this computer" - which... Weiterlesen →

TP-LINK Archer und DynDNS mit noip

Grundsätzlich ist das ja normalerweise keine Hexerei soetwas einzurichten, allerding sollte man dazu wissen wie die Schnittstellen am Gerät implementiert sind. Beim Testen ist mir aufgefallen, dass der TP-LINK Archer MR200 in der aktuellsten Firmware es nicht schafft sich z.B. beim noip Dienst anzumelden, wenn das Passwort ein Sonderzeichen enthält, was vermutlich mit dem Encoding... Weiterlesen →

oneplus 3t after a few months

Hi there I think this is my 3rd post now regarding the oneplus 3t and guess what, nothing to complain about. The device is lightning fast (so you can improve overall performance by restarting the device the other day, but that is also a good thing for other flagship phones including the iPhone to get... Weiterlesen →

oneplus 3t conclusion…

Update 4.0.3 ist Out and also available in austria. Mind the ipv6 WiFi settings and the WiFi assist they cause problems for now better deactivate. I am currently using the oneplus 3t for 2 weeks now as my main device. I have packed away my iPhone 6s and guess what, I am not missing it.... Weiterlesen →

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