Cams Ahoi for the iPhone

My first application review (sooo excited ;-)). Yesterday I tumbled over this application which provides us with the aid of detecting all the nasty speed boxes on our way into our cubicles around the world. I was a little sceptical that the application would properly work in "Austria" - where the f*** is Austria, but... Weiterlesen →

E-Zilla Charger

Hi folks. Since a few days I am the proud owner of a hotbodies E-Zilla. Nice car, good to bash around, real fun. One drawback for me was the GT charger which is nevertheless perfectly working but I am a load at home run outside driver and therefore I had problems getting the thing running... Weiterlesen →


One of my big passions are rc cars and modells. I currently own two minizilla's from hpi, both tuned with a brushless engine from mamba, a walkera 3d helicopter and a small hirobo indor coax heli. If you want to talk rc, this is the right point to start from. We can talk about tuning,... Weiterlesen →

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