Apple Music/Connect deaktivieren…

es ist mir mittlerweile das 2te mal passiert, dass aus unerfindlichen Gründen auf meinem Telefon die Musikstücke die ich mit iTunes synchronisiert hatte nur mehr verfügbar waren wenn ich in einem WLAN war. WLAN desshalb weil der Zugriff auf z.B. iCloud Daten und Streaming über 3g bei mir deaktiviert ist. Da ich das nicht mag... Weiterlesen →


Time Machine Backup Troubles after El Capitan Update

I recently updated to El Capitan 10.11.2 of OSX and within the same day after the OS tried to do a backup on my Time Capsule at home the backup does not work anymore. I have already posted the problem on apple support communities. Backups from other versions of OSX run perfectly correct against the... Weiterlesen →

dokuwiki thumbnail image to pdf

I recently had the requirement to make a kind of catalogue overview within our internal company wiki. After googling for a plugin I decided to do it the pragmatic way because our catalogues do not change that frequently. Save the pdf files to the wiki medi location (upload) open the pdf files and make images... Weiterlesen →

iOS 9 Wi-Fi (WLAN) Assist

iOS 9 is fresh out now and we all who have the right hardware are eager to know what it is all about. If you have an all in data plan you can stop reading here by now, if you have a data plan with a specific amount of data usage per month you should... Weiterlesen →

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