Get Bash Features on Win10

After a lot of years on MacOS I am currently back at Windows and just begun to setup my work environment. I would appreciate it if MS will sometimes in future move to a linux kernel for their base system, what is not too far away if you can believe different sources on the web,... Weiterlesen →

Recover your images from your broken CF/SD card

During our last holiday I recognized that my 4GB CF card was not recognized any more by my camera and my mac. I was looking for a recovery service on the net but the prices charged there were too high, so we accepted that the images from 1 day were lost. I did not reformat... Weiterlesen →

Decentralize your services unchain your data…

Regarding my article : Apple silently removed calendar and contact sync in Mavericks from the recent past I have decided that I want to move my data away from cloud services as much as possible. Therefore I thought about possible solutions and found out the following: owncloud is the alternative for me regarding iCloud sync for files, calendar... Weiterlesen →

Subversion Error 135000

Today I had a funny feature. I tried to commit a change to a config file of one of our webapplications and during the commit process I got the above mentioned error: Unknown SVN Error 135000 occurred. After doing some investigation I found a windows carriage return linefeed in the config file which was designed... Weiterlesen →

Extend logical volume on Linux

I am not a system administrator but I had to extend a logical volume on our search cluster nodes due to increased data usage and a storage shortage. I have not done this before and after asking a linux admin and googling some pages I discovered that all the information needed for someone not having... Weiterlesen →

Ubuntu 11.04 and nxclient

Hi, I had some troubles using our existing terminalserver environment when moving to Ubuntu 11.04. Within 11.04 you can select more detailed keyboard layouts, especially when you are in Austria it is possible to select Austrian, which is nice from an personal viewpoint but it seems that mixes up the nxclient which obviously does know... Weiterlesen →

Mehrere Dropbox Accounts

Eine gute Beschreibung für mehrere Dropbox Accounts auf einem Rechner findet ihr hier. Schwerpunkt bei der Beschreibung liegt zwar am Apple aber das Konzept ist unter Unix so ziemlich überall das Gleiche. Initial Dropbox app mit unterschiedlichen Arbeitsverzeichznissen starten: .dropbox-1 oder .dropbox-2, dann der Vorgehensweise des Artikels folgen.

Needfull Ping Script

Have you ever had the problem that you needed to know what ip address your iphone or dreambox or any other small device got from dhcp but you have no access to a console or network config application. I wrote down a small shell script which does the work for you simply call it with... Weiterlesen →

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