Get Bash Features on Win10

After a lot of years on MacOS I am currently back at Windows and just begun to setup my work environment. I would appreciate it if MS will sometimes in future move to a linux kernel for their base system, what is not too far away if you can believe different sources on the web,... Weiterlesen →

Problems installing Windows 7 on new Notebook with Windows 8 and UEFI

Hi. A friend of mine got a new asus aspire one 756 as a christmas present, with Windows 8 preinstalled. She could not make friends with the new Microsoft Operating System (I can't guess why, too intuitive to use, too less changes, too user-friendly 😉 ?). She asked me if it is possible for me... Weiterlesen →

Das @ Zeichen im Windows Remote Desktop unter Mac OS

Ein kleines Problem hatte sich bei mir eingestellt. In meiner Windows Remote Desktop Session vom Mac aus hatte ich immer wieder das Problem, dass ich bei Email Adressen es nicht geschafft habe ein @ Zeichen einzugeben. Dabei ist es ganz einfach. Nach ein bisschen googeln wurde ich fündig. Die Tastenkombination dafür ist CTRL-ALT-Q.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Hi out there, ever had a closed down xp or vista notebook? If you do not remember the password or something meshed up your registry or disabled your account, than use this tool to get it down. This is a very small linux distro which lets you manipulate registry data including user accounts offline on... Weiterlesen →

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