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Some useful links categorized:

important for your everyday word

  1. recover powerpoint files after crash (mac)

for the macuser

  1. The Apple Blog Screencast
  2. Tao of Mac – Switch to Mac
  3. OSX Tools
  4. Mac OS HowTo’s
  5. GTD Tool Thinking Rock
  6. Gimp like image editing tool

for the land rover defender fan

  1. Landy Friend
  2. Matzker Germany
  3. Tomb Raider Landy
  4. Offroad Seite Deutschland mit Defender Teilen

SEO and Webanalytics

  1. http://www.timoaden.de/ – webanalytics generals and in depth, very detailed
  2. http://www.seitwert.de – good tool to evaluate your page weight

iPhone Users

  1. iPhone dev team blog
  2. iPhone Application list
  3. Whited00r Custom iPhone Firmware (2g, 3g Speedup)

For the desperate nagios / grapher user

  1. Nagios Wiki DE
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