BloGTK – Bug

Hi out there. Another bug report for BloGTK Users. When using more than one blog account the blog type radio button is not saved correctly when you only press the save button. Workaround: Change the blogtype to your choice and then press ok to use the currently edited account with BloGTK, afterwards it is saved... weiterlesen →


WARNING With distribution upgrade from feisty to gutsy

Hi out there! I experienced some problems making the distribution upgrade from feisty to gutsy. The wu-ftp package could not be downloaden what I quit with a CTRL+C command in the command line. The download of all packages finished ok except for the wu-ftp package. The installtion process proceeded and when trying to install wu-ftp... weiterlesen →

Cisco vpnclient with Ubuntu Gutsy

Alternative for Cisco vpnclient - vpnc I have found a better solution then the one below, follow this link to get (sorry only german) description on how to use vpnc instead of cisco vpnclient. I try to translate this here: Install the vpnc package, please check yourself what sources you have to enable. sudo apt-get... weiterlesen →

Tool of the month

This month's "Tool of the month award" on this blog goes to: AND THE WINNER IS: VirtualBox This is really breathtaking how easy and usable this virtualization software works and is available freely for private use for windows and linux. Thanks to the VirtualBox developers team and company lead which have decided to make this... weiterlesen →

Upgrade from Ubuntu 6.10 to 7.04

Hi folks, yesterday evening I decided to risk the upgrade from Ubuntu 6.10 to 7.04. I was a little suspicious about doing that because I had my current 6.10 polished and tuned and everything worked fine for me so I was anxious loosing some settings or programs. Carefull as I am I made a complete... weiterlesen →

HUAWEI E220 Follow Up

Again a shorty about the Huawei E220 and linux. Since my last updates of ubuntu 6.10 the E220 is always recognised the right way and usable right from the start.

E-Zilla Charger

Hi folks. Since a few days I am the proud owner of a hotbodies E-Zilla. Nice car, good to bash around, real fun. One drawback for me was the GT charger which is nevertheless perfectly working but I am a load at home run outside driver and therefore I had problems getting the thing running... weiterlesen →


One of my big passions are rc cars and modells. I currently own two minizilla's from hpi, both tuned with a brushless engine from mamba, a walkera 3d helicopter and a small hirobo indor coax heli. If you want to talk rc, this is the right point to start from. We can talk about tuning,... weiterlesen →

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