dokuwiki thumbnail image to pdf

I recently had the requirement to make a kind of catalogue overview within our internal company wiki. After googling for a plugin I decided to do it the pragmatic way because our catalogues do not change that frequently.

  1. Save the pdf files to the wiki medi location (upload)
  2. open the pdf files and make images from the startpage, used as thumbnails later
  3. upload the images to the wiki
  4. create a link to the media using the image (see example syntax below)
  5. finished

Example Syntax:
[[http://<wiki url>/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=<wiki path to pdf file>|{{<one of the uploaded images in size M>?200|}}]]

So you will get a kind of thumbnailed pdf gallerie. If your content does not change that recently, the thumbnails are the work here, this will be fine.


OSX El Capitan Fenstergrösse an Bildschirm anpassen…

Bis jetzt gab es bei OSX die Möglichkeit ein Fenster, das z.B. nicht den ganzen Bildschirm ausgefüllt hat durch drücken der Alt Taste während man auf den kleinen runden plus Knopf in der Fensterleiste des Fensters geklickt hat, automatisch an den Bildschirm anzupassen. Das Fenster wurde dann quasi maximiert. In El Capitan vermisse ich den plus Knopf, statt dessen gibt es den „Fullscreen“ Knopf, das ist aber etwas anderes. Allerdings ist hier bei drücken der Alt Taste wie zuvor die gleiche Funktion vorhanden, das Fenster wird „Maximiert“. Hat etwas gedauert, bis ich das gecheckt habe aber fein.


iTunes Foto Sync dauert ewig – Apple wird immer instabiler

Hi, seit ein paar Tagen habe ich unter El Capitan mit iTunes ( immer wieder den Fall, dass er mir sagt er kann die Fotos nicht synchronisieren, die Foto Mediathek ist noch nicht verfügbar. Nach einigem Suchen im Netz fand ich einen Beitrag wo so nebenbei erwähnt wurde dass das Problem auftreten kann wenn man in der iCloud etwas vom Foto Sync aktiviert hat. Ich hatte die iClout Fotofreigabe aktiviert und offensichtlich wollte iTunes dort hin syncen es gab aber einen Fehler. Leider leider, spiegelt sich das aber in keinster Weise in der Fehlermeldung wieder wodurch das Suchen dann ewig dauert. Tja man merkt halt auch dass Apple groß wird und jetzt all die kleinen Probleme hat die die anderen auch alle haben, die aber der Grund waren warum man zu Apple gewechselt ist, klingt nach Endlosschleife 😉

Microsoft Office 2016 Mac Crash Problem with El Capitan Solved

After installing El Capitan my Office 2016 package tended to crash recently. Most problematic was a Outlook preview issue where Outlook crashed when clicking on the mail. So this rendered Office nearly obsolete for me. Thankfully the patches delivered yesterday through patch day removed the problem. So I can only recommend the Office 15.15 Patch Update for Office 2016 Mac Edition.

Crash Report File Example

Tiring problem with failed bluetooth reactivation after sleep in osx yosemite

Some of you experience the problem of bluetooth devices which can not reconnect after a sleep period of osx yosemite. This is a known problem a bluetooth kext unload and load solves the problem (like bluetooth subsystem restart) but there is no path from Apple there until now. Some of you have built up some shell scripts and are using sleepwatcher and so on but some of you just want to get it to work again. Therefore I have built up a little application which is just an automator wrapper around the following two shell script lines:

sudo kextunload -b
sudo kextload -b

which does the trick for you. You can fully trust this and you can also look into the package, no hidden hocks there. Drop the application to your app folder and everytime you experience the problem start the app, the bluetooth will go away and come back again reconnecting all your devices. Link to 7zip archive with app. Please download the prior link by right click and download linked file to…

Best Regards.

iOS 9 cellular data activation problem (mobiles datennetzwerk konnte nicht aktiviert werden)

Some of you might have recognized cellular data (mobile daten) problems after the update to iOS 9.0 on your iPhone mostly 6. The phone keeps telling you that your cellular data can not be activated (mobiles datennetzwerk konnte nicht aktiviert werden, sie sind kein Mitglied….in german). Therefore resetting the network settings does not work. The only think worked after a few tests was uprading to iOS 9.0.1 which fixes the issue.

iOS 9 Wi-Fi (WLAN) Assist

iOS 9 is fresh out now and we all who have the right hardware are eager to know what it is all about. If you have an all in data plan you can stop reading here by now, if you have a data plan with a specific amount of data usage per month you should disable the WLAN Assist functionality you can find in „Settings“ –> „Mobile Data“. The Wi-Fi (WLAN) Assist functionality is quite useful, when you have bad Wi-Fi coverage, therefore iOS 9 decides to bring in your data connection if existent. This can bring you to the point where iOS is eating up your data plan without you knowing this, so decide on yourself if you want this function being active. It is on per default.

Image for german version:


Unusual Battery Drain Problem on my Macbook Air mid 2013 13″

Since a few weeks I notice an unusual battery drain problem with my macbook air. I checked the battery health using coconut battery and I was sure my battery is going down the final destination path. But as a techy you cannot sit there an do nothing. Wo I started analyzing. Are there  some programs not entering sleep mode, do I have background processing updates running, are my energy saving options set right. Everything I checked was fine. After having checked all this I started to narrow down the changes of the last few weeks, and voila I found a change. I have bought a SD Card for the Air for storage extension, one of the cards which go seamless with the enclosure. By using the

pmset -g

command and a grep to the syslog

syslog | grep -i "Wake reason"

I found out that the „EHCI“ recently woke up the system every few minutes:

Aug 25 17:50:21 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.LidOpen EHC1 (User)
Aug 25 19:08:17 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.LidOpen (User)
Aug 25 21:06:12 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.LidOpen (User)
Aug 26 06:57:42 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 26 07:46:40 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.LidOpen (User)
Aug 26 07:55:47 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.DarkPME (Maintenance)
Aug 26 08:40:32 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 26 09:03:13 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 26 09:20:57 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 26 09:30:29 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.ACAttach EHC1 (Maintenance)
Aug 26 17:48:04 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.SleepTimer (SleepTimer)
Aug 27 07:41:03 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.DarkPME (Maintenance)
Aug 27 08:23:42 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 27 10:43:23 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 27 11:03:35 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 27 11:59:18 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 27 12:18:38 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 27 17:35:00 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.LidOpen EHC1 (User)
Aug 27 18:49:01 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.SleepTimer (SleepTimer)
Aug 28 07:55:30 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EC.DarkPME (Maintenance)
Aug 28 08:01:18 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 28 08:29:38 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 28 08:44:55 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 28 10:05:49 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 28 11:36:22 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1
Aug 28 11:42:40 wall-e kernel[0] : Wake reason: EHC1

This fact is the reason for the battery drain during lid closed situation, because the EHCI = SDCARD USB Controller woke up the whole system. Therefore you get about 2% battery loss per hour and more. In my case closing the lid on friday afternoon at 100% and reopening on sunday noon with 63% left what is a very unusual situation for an apple user.

So what can you do. You can use programs like sleepwatcher to unmount the card when the system is going to sleep and remount if you for example open the lid. You can remove the card on a regular base. You also have to bear in mind that the sd card also draws juice during your normal work session so if you do not rely 100% on the card being mounted all the time, just remove it if you want to avoid the above described battery loss.

Font Problems Yosemite

today a very strange feature arised in osx yosemite. Safari immediately quit after starting. In my system log files I found an error message regarding iCloud key Sync. The iCloud preferences pane quit with an error (known problem online). After searching a while I decided to open the disk utility and check the disk and the permissions. After a successful repair of the permissions and a restart the iCloud pane was working again, but another problem submerged. The fontd quit after starting and no fonts where found when launching the book app. All programs connecting to the fontd returned an error in the error log. Online there where no useful solutions to be found the only solution seems to be to restore the system. I found out that using the command „fontrestore default“ did the trick and after a reboot everything was fine again. I only had to check some fonts due to duplicates and that was it.

The system was very unresponsive during this problem. The applications stuck for minutes and so on just to have an anchorpoint for you. Check the console log and look for fontd crash reports as a sign regarding this behaviour.

iPad/iPhone app store featured/highlights are empty

After changing to a new iPad Air 2 with a restore from my former iPad Air I got the following behavior. We are using a MDM (Mobile Device Management Software) to manage our companies mobile devices. This software package installed and changed my store setting to United States. I am located in Austria. When opening up I got a message: „app could not be found in app store“ but I could not make out why because I was not searching for a specific app just opening the app store itself. I saw that the menu entries were in english and the feature list was empty (white). I could see updates and purchase but nothing else. Because of the empty feature list you can not use the „scroll down the feature list and change the app store“ method you find on the web to change the store. I had to go to settings, iTunes and logout of iTunes and log in again. Voilá. Back again 😉