2 Screens, Problems using active corners…

If you have configured active corners on OSX and you are wondering why they don’t really work on your main screen I’ve got the reason why. If you look at your screen order from the screen settings dialog under system settings you can see if your screens are not of the same size, that the second screen is aligned on top right to your main screen. So the active let’s say top left corner of your main screen does not work because your mouse cursor is directly going to your 2nd screen. If you position the screens that way that the smaller screen starts a little below the main screens corner and above the main screens corner (see image) your active corners on the main screens side where the second screen is aligned to will work again. For example see my screenshot below, where my main screen is the big one on the right and the 2nd screen the small one on the left.


Google removed ActiveSync service – CalDAV for iOS devices

Hi out there. For all iOS users having google calendar sync active this is the time to do something about it and change your settings according to the changes at google with deactivating active sync. First of all you have to go to your iOS Settings –> Mail and Contacts and deactivate the calendar sync at the google account you have there.

After you have deactivated calendarsync you have to add a CalDAV Account for your google calendar entries. CalDAV is a standard Calendar Synchronisation protocol. To do this, goto your Settings –> Mail, Contacts –> Add New –> Other –> CalDAV and fill in the server name for google with google.com, your gmail user id and password. After clicking done everything is verified and if everything is ok on opening your calendar the next time your main google calendar entries should be there. If you have more than one calendar as I have, then you have to contact the following google page for including all or some of your calendars to your mobile devices: https://www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect. When opening you will see a list of your calendars, check all the calendars you want to see on your mobile devices. DONE.

arRsync does not start syncing

Today I started right with a weird behaviour. I am using arRsync to sync my iPhoto Originals to my NAS box within my home network. I configured the sync and pressed the start button. arRsync told me „staring Sync…“. Nothing suspicious here unless it did not start for about half an hour or more. I checked the error log, nothing. I checked the network traffic, nothing. I checked the processes cpu utilization, nothing. After I detached my external usb drive which is also my time machine backup medium, arRsync immediately began syncing the prior configured job. It seems like an attached time machine backup volume with time machine activated is kind of blocking the rsync possiblities of osx. Did anybody out there detect the same behaviour, if yes, we could open up a bug, meanwhile I am trying to reproduce the error.