Time Machine Backup Troubles after El Capitan Update

I recently updated to El Capitan 10.11.2 of OSX and within the same day after the OS tried to do a backup on my Time Capsule at home the backup does not work anymore. I have already posted the problem on apple support communities. Backups from other versions of OSX run perfectly correct against the... Weiterlesen →


Disable Time Machine Mobile Backups

If you are a OSX user with a notebook and you are using TimeMachine for backups OSX has per default the mobile backup option enabled and you cannot switch it off from within TimeMachine options. I would suggest Apple should include this checkbox so the user can decide if backups on the local disk should... Weiterlesen →

Change Timemachine Backup Intervall

If you do not like the aggressive way Time Machine does it's backups (on an hourly base) you can change this. It is possible to to this by using the command line (terminal). So start the terminal application. On the prompt you can issue a command like this: sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.backupd-auto StartInterval -int 14400... Weiterlesen →

Downgrade ios4 to 3.1.3

Hi, nachdem ich mir das ios4 am iPhone 3g angesehen habe und ausser den Ordner (sehr praktisch) und einem etwas schnelleren Safari für 3G Benutzer eigentlich nix bahnbrechendes dabei ist, habe ich aus performance Gründen einen downgrade auf 3.1.3 vollzogen. Achtung das geht nur in Verbindung mit einem jailbreak, wenn beim jailbreak das baseband nicht... Weiterlesen →

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