Usefull Apple Shortcuts Nr. 7 – A newline within an excel cell at Office for Mac

Always wanted to enter a new line into a microsoft excel cell within the Microsoft Office for Mac? It is nearly as simple as on windows on windows you use Alt+Enter an on the Mac you use: Ctrl + ⌘ + ↩ (Control + Command/Apple + Enter)


Usefull Apple Shortcuts Nr. 3 – New Line in Excel Cell Office 4 Mac

Sometimes you want to have one or more new lines within an excel cell without formatting the automatic newline of the cell on resize. In Windows this is accomplished by going into the cell to edit the text inside and press alt+return. On the mac to get the same result press ⌥ ⌘ ↩ (in words: alt + [...]

Ein Enter an einen shell Befehl senden – send a return to a shell command

Some of us especially the ones working in a high automated administrative environment have the need to write shell scripts issuing commands. Some of these commands like passwd or other binaries from 3rd party vendors expect you to press the enter key or an abort key stroke for continuing or aborting the operating. One of [...]