WARNING With distribution upgrade from feisty to gutsy

Hi out there! I experienced some problems making the distribution upgrade from feisty to gutsy. The wu-ftp package could not be downloaden what I quit with a CTRL+C command in the command line. The download of all packages finished ok except for the wu-ftp package. The installtion process proceeded and when trying to install wu-ftp the installer quit installing at last and I had a feistygutsy distribution on my system. I decided to backup my data and install from scratch. So if you are on the edge with your ubuntu system take your time a few more days using the distribution upgrade I saw a few bugs posted for the installer.

Upgrade from Ubuntu 6.10 to 7.04

Hi folks, yesterday evening I decided to risk the upgrade from Ubuntu 6.10 to 7.04. I was a little suspicious about doing that because I had my current 6.10 polished and tuned and everything worked fine for me so I was anxious loosing some settings or programs.

Carefull as I am I made a complete system backup including the installed packages extracted from aptitude, I will add the script a little later, but the essence of the script is to extract all installed packages using apt-cache command and move them to a file with a timestamp. From there you can call apt-get install for these files automatically, if you have to restore your system after a new installation.

After that I checked if UpdateManager application has the right version as mentioned at the ubuntu page. Afterwards I started up a shell window executing update-manager -d. The download of all new packages took about 1 h 40 min, and the you have to wait additional 1 h until everything is ready. You get some prompts about keeping changed config files, where you have to decide from time to time. The only config file I kept was the apache2.conf file the others I decided to take the new ones.

After rebooting the system everything (tested till now, not complete) worked like before. No problems with my huawei E220 umts card, no sound problems….works fine.

Today I activated the desktop effect goodies preview and I am astonishe how flawless this works on my not top equiped notebook which is fujitus amilo Pro 1,6 Ghz Centrino, 1GB Ram and 64MB of VideoRam.

Congratiulations to the ubuntu developers team, they really produced a flawless upgrade procedure for my needs. My entire reason of upgrading was the long term support of 7.04 which lacks for 6.10.