HUAWEI E220 Follow Up

Again a shorty about the Huawei E220 and linux. Since my last updates of ubuntu 6.10 the E220 is always recognised the right way and usable right from the start.

Huawei E220 revisited

Hi Folks. Finally I have finished my tests and scripting with the Huawei E220 USB UMTS Modem and Ubuntu Edgy Eft. Some conclusions can be made: have the modem plugged in on boot if you work continuous only with the modem work with suspend to disk mode instead of shutdown use the scripts I provide... Weiterlesen →

Huawei E220 and Ubuntu 6.10

I changed my mobile card due to a change of my notebook where the new one no longer supports pcmcia cards. So I switched to the Huawei E220 usb UMTS Modem. The drawback, it does not work from scratch, the benefit, the signal strength is much better. So the device is recogniced as an scsi... Weiterlesen →

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