gnome-power-manager battery status missing

I had an ugly issue with my current gutsy setup. The power manager did not recognise my battery state of my laptop. I was googling around to see that there are lots of people having the same problem. I finally found a resolution for this issue. Install the sysv-rc-conf utility using synaptic or apt-get. Afterwards... weiterlesen →


No USB Devices in VirtualBox and Gutsy 7.10

Hi out there I had a problem related to USB devices with the latest VirtualBox release and Ubuntu 7.10. I found this to fix the problem and it worked out fine. Thanks to Derek Buranen at for his hack.

I have a question?

Does anybody know what happened. Since a few updates with ubuntu gutsy 7.10 I am missing the battery tab in my energie settings. I can start the battery applet that works fine, but when I click on properties I only the the "Im Netzbetrieb" (on power cord) and "Allgemein" (General), tabs and I remember I... weiterlesen →

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