I have had some issues using gnome-blog. The trouble started with the settings dialog, what to choose. Due to the fact that gnome-blog has more intelligence inside than needed I got some trouble in selecting „Blog Type“ – „Selfrun WordPress“ because this causes gnome-blog somehow to autocomplete the url given with something like ../wordpress/xmlrpc.php, which resulted in errors when trying to post a simple blog entry. The workaround for me was to use „Selfrun other“ and enter http://myblog.adomain/xmlrpc.php then it works. Cheers 😉

BloGTK – Bug

Hi out there. Another bug report for BloGTK Users. When using more than one blog account the blog type radio button is not saved correctly when you only press the save button. Workaround: Change the blogtype to your choice and then press ok to use the currently edited account with BloGTK, afterwards it is saved correclty, if you only press the save button BloGTK looses this setting when switching back to the default account. Cheers.