Usefull Apple Shortcuts Nr. 6 – The @ sign on a Windows VM under Parallels

Again a different behavior for typing an at (@) sign when you are using a Windows (Win7) VM under Parallels Desktop on your mac. I had my problems typing my first email addresses 😉

Ctrl + ⌥ + q

(means: Ctrl + alt + q)

Usefull Apple Shortcuts Nr. 5 – Parallels and Windows Ctrl + Alt + Del

If you have to have a windows vm on board of your mac using parallels desktop and you have to have a user logon on startup of the machine let’s say because of your companies security settings you might have run into this problem earlier. Windows unlock screen request to ctrl+alt+del for login from you which does not work out of the box with your apple keyboard. In parallels you have 2 possibilities:

A) go out of full screen mode of your vm and select the keyboard icon at the bottom of the vm status bar and the keyboard shortcut menu will come up where you can select ctr+alt+del for login (see image).




B) you can use the short method by simply pressing the following keys on your keyboard:

Ctrl + ⌥ + fn + ⌫

(means: Ctrl + alt + fn + backspace)

this works because the fn key changes the functionality of  the backspace key to a delete key.

Usefull Apple Shortcuts Nr. 4 – Lock Screen using the keyboard

You have 2 possibilities to lock your mac’s screen, first you can activate the „show keychain state in menu“ from within the keychain administration tools settings dialog. After activating this you will have a lock symbol active in your menu bar. From there you can call the „lock screen“ command by clicking on the lock symbol and selecting „lock screen“. If you are a bit like I am you will prefer a keyboard shortcut doing this. Therefore simply press ⇧ Ctrl ⏏ (Shift, Control, Eject) and your screen will be locked.

Useful Apple Keyboard Shortcuts – Nr. 2

Always thought about how to get a part of the screen as a screenshot and instantly put it to the clipboard instead of an image on disk?

⇧ Ctrl ⌘ 4 (in words: Shift+Control+Command+4)

it is a quite complex shortcut (we should not name it a shortcut ;-)) but this will bring up the screenshot tool already waiting for you to select an area of the screen you want a shot from and puts it to the clipboard.