Usefull Apple Shortcuts Nr. 9 – how to get „elevated quotes“ in word on mac (in general)

Normally quotes on osx and especially in Office are not elevated the leading are near the bottom-line the trailing are elevated. If you want to use elevated quotes use the following keyboard shortcut: alt + 2


Usefull Apple Shortcuts Nr. 6 – The @ sign on a Windows VM under Parallels

Again a different behavior for typing an at (@) sign when you are using a Windows (Win7) VM under Parallels Desktop on your mac. I had my problems typing my first email addresses 😉 Ctrl + ⌥ + q (means: Ctrl + alt + q)

Usefull Apple Shortcuts Nr. 5 – Parallels and Windows Ctrl + Alt + Del

If you have to have a windows vm on board of your mac using parallels desktop and you have to have a user logon on startup of the machine let's say because of your companies security settings you might have run into this problem earlier. Windows unlock screen request to ctrl+alt+del for login from you [...]

Usefull Apple Shortcuts Nr. 4 – Lock Screen using the keyboard

You have 2 possibilities to lock your mac's screen, first you can activate the "show keychain state in menu" from within the keychain administration tools settings dialog. After activating this you will have a lock symbol active in your menu bar. From there you can call the "lock screen" command by clicking on the lock [...]

Useful Apple Keyboard Shortcuts – Nr. 2

Always thought about how to get a part of the screen as a screenshot and instantly put it to the clipboard instead of an image on disk? ⇧ Ctrl ⌘ 4 (in words: Shift+Control+Command+4) it is a quite complex shortcut (we should not name it a shortcut ;-)) but this will bring up the screenshot [...]