Update to OSX 10.6 – Snow Leopard

Hi there 2 days ago I got my Snow Leopard DVD – yeah. After making a full backup (time machine) of my system I started the simple update process. I just deselected some unused languages and let the system do the rest. After 20-30 minutes the Installation was aborted by a failure which was not described in detail. Afterwards I checked the file system and found a not repairable filesystem error. I rebooted the system, made some filesystem checks using the harddrive utility program and after an additional attempt of updating I did it and everything was working fine. If anybody has accounted the same problem and knows details, please post a comment here.

Blank Screen Screensaver for Leopard

Hi out there I am back again. A few weeks ago I decided to move from linux to mac (ok ok, don’t blame me ;-)). The one thing I am really missing is the functionality of a Blank Screen Screensaver which has been present in 10.4 but is now missing on my new leopard mac. Therefore I created one for all the others I found on the net missing this function to save there screens for a maximum of lifetime. You can download the screensaver file here. Download the file to your desktop, rename it to „Blank Screen.qtz“ and move it to „/Library/Screen Savers“ on your mac (you need root privileges to do this), then goto your screensaver settings dialog and select „Other“ – „Blank Screen“, voila ready.

Cheap/Free Software for the apple mac user

Cheap software for the mac user:

See the list below of needfull things for the adult mac user. I will also provide a downloadable list including the homepage links for each tool, a little later.

– Wondershare DVD to PSP Converter    works fine
VPNClient – Cisco new install, works fine
VLC – Video Player
StuffIt Expander –  unzip of archives
Skype – you know that peace of cake
Route Tracer – visuall traceroute
Remotedesktopverbindung.app – microsoft remotedesktop for apple
Openoffice 3.0 – replacing neooffice at my machine, openoffice in mac look and feel
– JellyfiSSH.app – ssh connection manager
– JBidWatcher – ebay bidder
– JAP – Java Anonymous Proxy, anonymous surfing
– iToner – Ringtones for iPhone Transceiver, if you use a official jailbreaked, use garageband
iStumbler – WiFi Finder
– Google Earth – you know that too
– Fluid – run web applications in own window without browser
– fasterMac.app – mac tuning (better for g4)
– Disk Inventory X.app – visual disk inventory application
Cyberduck – ftp client
BitRocket – bittorrent client
Smultron – good editor
Skitch – simple imageediting
– macports – specialists only – port linux programs to mac
– porticus – like macports
– freemind – free mindmanager
– Vodafone Mobile Connect – software for vodafones umts card/modem
– Firefox 3.0 – new firefox instead of camino
– xrsync – folder sync tool, backup utility
– PodWorks – shows your songs on your ipod/iphone, you can also download them to disk
Burn – cool dvd/cd… burn utility, very simple
Audacity – audio file editor usefull for editing mp3 files or producing your own ringtones
7zx– pack or extract 7zip files
DiffMerge – diff tool for text files/documents
VirtualBox – Virtualization Software, run windows on a mac or a Linux