Disable Time Machine Mobile Backups

If you are a OSX user with a notebook and you are using TimeMachine for backups OSX has per default the mobile backup option enabled and you cannot switch it off from within TimeMachine options. I would suggest Apple should include this checkbox so the user can decide if backups on the local disk should... Weiterlesen →


Google removed ActiveSync service – CalDAV for iOS devices

Hi out there. For all iOS users having google calendar sync active this is the time to do something about it and change your settings according to the changes at google with deactivating active sync. First of all you have to go to your iOS Settings --> Mail and Contacts and deactivate the calendar sync... Weiterlesen →

iPhone Firmware Upgrade

Is there anybody out there who has done a firmware upgrade to 2.0 with an iphone 2G from jailbraked 1.1.4 version using ziphone? There are so much rumours about the 2.0 firmware beeing released after hot needling it together, application bugs, resets and so on. Any info there, please comment here, I would appreciate every... Weiterlesen →

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