HowTo free up „other“ space on iPhone, iPad, iPod

As lots of other users I have experienced this mysterious "other" space you can see when you connect you iDevice to iTunes. I was not satisfied about any of the explanations you will find searching the web and specifically the apple support pages. On post at the apple discussion forum pages really fixed this issue... weiterlesen →


How To Reclaim iPad Capacity „Other“

Do you have the problem that your iPad shows you more than 1,2...5GB of used up space called other capacity (yellow) in iTunes and you will be damned if you know what that is? I had this problem like a lot of others and I was very stunned when I learned at a post in... weiterlesen →

Other mp3 players with Mac

If you have an other mp3 player than an ipod and you are using an apple as your main machine, there is a very usefull small programm called XNJB which recognizes quite a bunch of players (MTB). Mainly it was developed for the creative nomad players but the samsung players work with it too. Here... weiterlesen →

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