Tiring problem with failed bluetooth reactivation after sleep in osx yosemite

Some of you experience the problem of bluetooth devices which can not reconnect after a sleep period of osx yosemite. This is a known problem a bluetooth kext unload and load solves the problem (like bluetooth subsystem restart) but there is no path from Apple there until now. Some of you have built up some [...]


Multiple application entries in „Open With“ menu

If you get a lot of duplicates in the menu which opens if you open the context menu on a file to say "Open with" you have to rebuild your launchservices database by issuing a little command line command. Open up the terminal application and paste the whole code from below into the terminal window, [...]

Enable Restart X server (Ctrl-Alt-BackSpace) in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

If you have the problem that your ctrl-alt-backspace combination does not work and you have to restart the x-server see this blog entry here for the solution or simply go to System --> Preferences --> Keyboard --> Tab "Layouts" --> Button "Options" --> open "Key sequence to kill the X-Server" and enable the checkbox. Done.

FAST Crawler restart, db timeout and refresh period

We have some people looking at the logs now. There can be several reasons why the akonit.at is missing. Hopefully the logs will provide us with some answers. The hbdWebWeekly collection is configured to start from scratch, with db interval of 3 and refresh cycle of 10 days. From scratch means that each time the [...]