Restoring a hanging osx system with all your data

Hi I had a problem recently with the osx system of my daughter. The SSD disk I built in 1 year ago started to get corrupted file systems. Long boot times (gray progress indicator), failing fck calls have been the result plus at last a system which won't boot any more. I had no current... Weiterlesen →


Recover your images from your broken CF/SD card

During our last holiday I recognized that my 4GB CF card was not recognized any more by my camera and my mac. I was looking for a recovery service on the net but the prices charged there were too high, so we accepted that the images from 1 day were lost. I did not reformat... Weiterlesen →

Downgrade ios4 to 3.1.3

Hi, nachdem ich mir das ios4 am iPhone 3g angesehen habe und ausser den Ordner (sehr praktisch) und einem etwas schnelleren Safari für 3G Benutzer eigentlich nix bahnbrechendes dabei ist, habe ich aus performance Gründen einen downgrade auf 3.1.3 vollzogen. Achtung das geht nur in Verbindung mit einem jailbreak, wenn beim jailbreak das baseband nicht... Weiterlesen →

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