Useful Apple Keyboard Shortcuts – Nr. 2

Always thought about how to get a part of the screen as a screenshot and instantly put it to the clipboard instead of an image on disk?

⇧ Ctrl ⌘ 4 (in words: Shift+Control+Command+4)

it is a quite complex shortcut (we should not name it a shortcut ;-)) but this will bring up the screenshot tool already waiting for you to select an area of the screen you want a shot from and puts it to the clipboard.

Useful Apple Keyboard Shortcuts Series – Nr. 1

One of the for me most important keyboard shortcuts is to open the finder window if you need it. Of course there are more possibilities to do this but as a former developer I prefer shortcuts about clicking:

⌥ ⌘  space (in words: alt+command+space)

does the trick and opens a new finder window.