iPhone 3G ios4 langsam

Wie die meisten habe auch ich nach dem update auf ios4 bemerkt, dass das iPhone 3g nicht mehr ganz den dafür vorgesehenen Spezifikationen entspricht. Was mich am meisten störte war die langsam reagierende Tastatur. Problem gelöst. Apple dürfte beim ios4 die Autokorrektur noch mit einer Rechtschreibprüfung erweitert haben, die das ganz gewaltig bremst sofern man … Continue reading iPhone 3G ios4 langsam


iPhone contacts with big images – bad performance

Hi, a few days ago I was revisiting my contacts in apple's addressbook. I found some contact where I had no images attached. I opened up iPhoto and dropped the images I wanted to the contact. Afterwards I synchronized my iPhone to get the changes done. Next day my wife called me and the iPhone … Continue reading iPhone contacts with big images – bad performance

Slow iPhone 3G after 3.0 OS update

After recognizing some issues with laggy application response and slow input fields and keyboard entries on the iPhone 3G after the update to 3.0 I did a little of googling around if there are any news, rumors or solutions on that. What I found surprised a little bit. It seems so that Apple is aware … Continue reading Slow iPhone 3G after 3.0 OS update